La Sala
View from the rooftop deck
More views of the rooftop deck >> La Posada at Night
The Balcony
The 3rd floor atrium

Our hostal is also a showcase for Ecuadorian painters. We have over 50 works, including such masters as Witman Walsaqui, Alberto Soriano, Galo Chavez, and Jose Sanchez. We also represent local Baños artist Jaime Perez. The presence of these fine works sets the tone for the overall ambiance, which, according to comments by our guests, is tasteful, friendly and cozy.

Our sala (left) encourages guests to relax, read, listen to music, or enjoy a crackling fire. From among the plants beneath the third floor skylight can be heard the gentle rush of the waterfall, which tumbles from the mountains just a half block away.                                                                 
Calle Velasco Ibarra y Av. Montalvo                         
Baños,Tungurahua, Ecuador              
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